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Freddy Krueger

Until when! We alonger foxholes: alonger trenches, deep like graves, wet like tombs, terrible nightmares. We aceitemos rifles clean their souls removed all rust corrodes it. Our lives depend on it a jammed weapon is a single safe passage ida to a casket without a name half of all war is maintaining the other half […]

Recycling Cartridges

The twenty-fourth manages franchise program counted with the participation of Javier Martinez Zaldo, Manager of clothing for children candling teaches. This chain of children’s fashion, founded in 1999, and has with own collections, has been able to dip into the franchise to grow by all Spain and now has stores in Valladolid, Zaragoza, Vitoria, Valencia, […]

Russian Federation Company

The company ‘Lehr’ has more than 14 years producing goods for industrial consumption. Among our customers – not just large enterprises, but also representatives of small and medium business, legal and individuals. Nowadays we produce over 140 kinds of products. Special niche in our production occupy cooperage. Besides the main products, our company launched production […]

Business Makeup

Business Makeup can be called one of the major components of the dress code. This is something that accompanies success. If you are going to be any official, business event or interview, you just need to take care of business make-up, as it is – a great way to express yourself. Depending on the type […]