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This is a brief explanation of the different types of wifi antennas that exist in the market, at least the most widely used. To orient an antenna wifi to a router in a network domestic, although extrapolated to any installation of wireless link program Netstumbler is used. This program is free and can download directly Internet broadcast. The reasons most frequent for the use of this program, among others, are these: be used for the creation of a map of wireless coverage within our own house in order to locate wireless router or leveraging external signal, let us know where we can sit with the laptop or put another desktop computer, for a correct data transmission. Orient our wifi antenna external, if the case does not have sufficient signal. This basically happens when the router or access point is located at another point of the building, in another building or is a free signal and by the obstacles or the distance the signal arrives poorly. Depending on the installations where the fence to be installed antenna, will need to choose your type. Here was born the need to explain the different types of wifi antennas on the market, a few steerable and others not, for your correct choice: Onnidireccional.

This antenna as its own name indicates, picks up signals and emits in all directions. Depending on its placement, vertical or horizontal, which is the signals to travel and will be received differently. You don’t need to be oriented. Sectoral. This type of antenna covers a specific sector, which tends to be oriented. Do the degree of breadth of that reception varies depending on the antenna used, although more or less often walk by 30?. Do you have more scope than onnidireccional antenna, but to be more directional everything that does not fit within these 30?, opening angle, is likely to be not received almost in complete safety.

Directional. They are fully directional antennas, need a very exact orientation towards the receiver. The opening angle is very small and critic, being for them antennas required the use of a program like Netstumbler to its correct orientation. The frequently used types of these antennas are the parabolic, yagui, helical, etc for proper installation are used different kind supports, which can be purchased or made at home supports. According to our installation, our environment, the location from which the signal we want to connect, choose one or another type of antenna. Being always advisable the use of program Netstumbler, a properly set up our network. On our website, home projects wifi, you can find more information on this topic, as well as other topics related to wifi networks. Visit us in a greeting.