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A Presentation By Todo Lo High

The city of starless nights had a formal presentation on December 5, 2010. Launch, which took place in the theater range in Coconut Grove at 5: 00 pm mentioned Sunday, counted with the presence of a diverse group of friends, family members and public in general who were with every intention of getting a copy […]

Relax Your Muscles

Are more subtle body and, of course, more dangerous. When you are aware of your thoughts, you will astound you discover what is happening within you. If you write down what is happening in your mind all the time, you’ll get a big surprise. You do not believe what is happening inside you. Alcyone on […]

Pula Croatia

Against Venice, in the north end of the Adriatic Sea, lies the Peninsula of Istria. Over the centuries, this corner of Earth has been disputed by many peoples by its strategic location, the goodness of its climate and its land. Among which they conquered it and left their footprints are the Romans, Slavs, Germans, Venetians, […]