A Presentation By Todo Lo High

The city of starless nights had a formal presentation on December 5, 2010. Launch, which took place in the theater range in Coconut Grove at 5: 00 pm mentioned Sunday, counted with the presence of a diverse group of friends, family members and public in general who were with every intention of getting a copy signed by the hand of the author, in addition to knowing him personally and enjoy an excellent event. It was a fantastic evening which was attended by over 150 people, achieving a sold-out theater. Within the people who attended the presentation, the actresses Lili Renteria, were Cuban’s extensive experience in theatre, film and television and Maria Cecilia Odubert, Venezuelan, also with forays into film and television in addition to a long theatrical career. Also attended the teachers Reggie Padin and Fernando Hernandez (techniques of presentation and Marketing, respectively); both the University Carlos Albizu of Miami, where the author studied business administration. The doctor Jesus Menendez, galeno known in the community and his wife Geysha Menendez as well as the Lady Lucy Echeverria, founder and representative of the Fundacion Jose Antonio Echeverria, Inc.

were other many figures who met that night to welcome the city of starless nights. The presence of the Editorial voices of today could not miss with Carmenluisa Pinto (Editor, prologue and official presenter of the novel), Pedro Pablo Perez, and Josefina Ezpeleta. The painter, designer and Illustrator Juan Jose Catalan who was in charge of the design of the cover of the book in question was another of those who wanted to receive a copy of your friend Ruben Alfonso’s own hand. The night could not be better, after the formal presentation of the book, the public could obtain a signed copy, take pictures with the author and taste an exquisite Chilean wine and some fine sandwiches while the talents of Mario Hernandez (guitarist) and Juan Carlos Ledon (SAX) flooded the room with a phenomenal combination of musical notes.