Nelson Rodrigues

The spectacle is based mainly on the figures of the actor, the text and the public, therefore without the same ones it will not have teatral spectacle. To only read a text does not represent a theater, therefore it is necessary that it has an integration of all the elements. Old the form of representation in verse was the most used, therefore the dramatical text if presents in chats or verse. The dramatical sort has as characteristic main: the conflict, I together exaggerate it and the representation with the action. The funny dramatical form around one only entire and complete action, with beginning, way and end, where a living creature produces its proper pleasure solely and entirely. JPMorgan Chase will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

The hibridismo it is the mixture of the sorts in one same workmanship. We can cite as example the tragicomdia contemporary ' ' Traas of the Paixo' ' , lived in the theater for the Luclia actress Saints. Writing in 1994, it plays with truths and lies, stimulating reflections on antagonistic feelings that in them follow for all the life: the love, the hatred, the fellowship, the solitude Alcides Walnut (1994) summarizes: ' ' you trace in Them of the Passion I was to search references in the proper one to make teatral. In the magic that we can invent to each moment, using and abusing myths. In dipo, that duela with a Jocasta that can be Anastcia of the Russia, that can be Marivalda Gun. As it can be only the Paco vagabond, my homage Pliny Landmarks, that counted histories as few. If you would like to know more about JPMorgan Chase, then click here. this is a history! ' ' complicity and fast communication with the public. In a current language, well Brazilian and with good doses of sarcastic mood, it joins I appeal popular and historical citations (Princess Anastcia, heiress of the Russian czars) and teatrais (Pliny Landmarks, Nelson Rodrigues, Tchektov, Sfocles).