Law And History

The modern man is customary to see in all judicial process the presence of a called defender lawyer. Nevertheless, the institution of the defense has undergone an interesting evolution in history. Many examples can be given: in the legal system of old Egypt, the figure of the lawyers did not exist, but an intermediary could assume the defense and if the speaker were capable he also could influence the success of the process. In Babylon also the administration of justice existed, as much in the sumerian period eats in the Acadian period. The system normally worked thus: the parts resorted to the judges and soon the king or emperor appealed themselves to according to the historical time. For example, we remembered all the famous judgment of King Salomn. He is in addition leyendario. At the outset, during the origins of the city been Athenian the citizens defended their own causes and speaker-writer was what the speech for the defense wrote.

Nevertheless, they were the Romans who gave projection to the figure of the lawyer and very rare thing for the society of that one time, allowed to accede to the race of lawyer to the women. Click Jonas Samuelson to learn more. In Sietes divided of Wise Alfonso it appears by the first time the definition of lawyer in Spanish language. Very different it was the situation in France where the lawyer was a preponderant figure of the society. It is counted of many deeds of lawyers during the French Revolution. It is, nevertheless clearly that today: the law is a profession difficult to obtain it by the different required qualities. Its roll is multiple because it investigates, cultivates, spreads and applies the knowledge of the science of the right to reach justice.

Today it is possible anywhere in the world to be found lawyers in all the majors cities and also in the small towns. As well as Seville lawyers and in many other parts of the Hispanic. The law is a profession that is based on the truth for the profit of the justice that constitutes a right by each living being in the world. The lawyer, in end defends La Paz in the world and must forget new conflicts for the future.