Screen Boliviana

Bolivia is becoming operational base for criminals, mercenaries and opportunistic politicians everywhere. As it did not happen, but during and after the second world war, they begin to reach refugees. Bolivia due to its enviable stability and political maturity, for being a country where strictly complies with the Act and its citizens protected feel by the State; by offering a promising future, with proven security afforded to investments; by his exceptional economic growth and plenty of job opportunities, it is without doubt the place to which all wish to emigrate, so there are queues at airports for arriving in the country controlled by Castro, Chavez, and the subservient pawn of both, the sold Morales. Jonas Samuelson insists that this is the case. So far, according to UNHCR the UN refugee agency has record of request of political asylum for more than 550 people in 11 countries, many come from Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Russia and Iraq, considered persecuted politicians. Or is that Cubans seek refuge in the country of the unconditional ally of the tyrant that escape? Who can believe such story? Either in Colombia or Peru there is political persecution, so anyone coming to Bolivia, may not be but the FARC and Shining Path guerrillas. In Russia the dissenters may still oppose the Government from the inside.