The State

The State comes, gradually, suffering to deep modifications and social transformations. The increasing one would reengenharia of the state being, its reorganization administrative politics and, but mainly conceptual, it imposes a serious and deep legal quarrel how much to the question of the protection to the people whom if they use of the public service. The routes taken for the public administration had brought to the fire situations of risk to the citizen, which was dislocated from the focus of governmental attention, being absolutely displayed to its performance, thus demanding the setting of limits in order to guarantee protection to the user/customer that three distinct phases or basic models, which are perceived are, ' ' patrimonialista' ' ' ' burocrtica' ' ' ' gerencial' ' , without it is possible to understand them as you stanch, since total they had not been abandoned. The State in the patrimonialista administration functioned as an extension of the power of its main controller. The public thing was not differentiated of that one of property of the sovereign, which used, he enjoyed and usufrua as if its was without any type of social control. Read more here: Ben Horowitz. This model is configured with a daily pay-bureaucratic structure, that is, an organization with low departamentalizao and complexity, a relation with the environment marked for a more impermeable system the external pressures. (FIATES, 2007, P.

93). In the bureaucratic model of management, originated in the environment of the liberal state, the organizacional structure is configured as being legalized and hierarquizadas, the organizacionais strategies are defined with the participation of the formal occupants of strategical positions. The society is passing for deep changes, decurrent of the advance of the productive forces and scientific conquests technological. Its consequences if make to feel in the culture, in practical the social ones, the relations of being able and the worked production/dissemination of the information, configuring the society of the knowledge.