One POS System

QUORiON announces sales of All-In-one POS system with integrated printer at the present time it is a vested claim for entrepreneurs to use your investment with maximum effect. QUORiON data systems GmbH, a German manufacturer of checkout systems, turns this task and present your new All-In-one POS system QTouch 10. The QTouch 10 offers everything you need for an efficient execution of a transaction as a compact complete system. Often, additional investments for typical POS peripherals, such as external printers, customer displays are, etc. necessary when using POS systems.

But not at the new All-In-one POS system QTouch QUORiON 10. The QTouch 10 is equipped with a 10.1 inch touch screen, a built-in printer, and a multiline, graphical display of the customer. If you currently buy a new device, be it a cell phone or a TV, watch one more extras that are included. The QTouch 10 – a combination of amazing hardware and software feature that offers in a modern and compact design. “, explains Mr.

Patrick Grueschow, VP Marketing. During the development of the QTouch 10, we have placed particular importance on user-friendly installation and operation. Through the integrated Perihperiegerate Setup and compatibility issues can largely excluded are. “, adds Mr Grueschow. It is hardly surprising that QUORiON of his philosophy remains true and equips the new All-In-one POS system with the QMP software. This will be happy especially the QUORiON partners and customers from all over the world, who are already familiar with the QMP POS software. The range of the QMP software ranging from retail and restaurant features, specific industry solutions. The QTouch 10 is suitable for a variety of companies. She can be used in restaurants, coffee or even bakeries, but also about what is required for the usage in the trade, is located in this a device “, explained Mr Matthias Hammond, product manager at QUORiON. More than ever, make sure Entrepreneurs on ease of use and high reliability of any POS equipment. The QTouch 10 offers a user friendly operation. So QUORiON to such a quick start guide is available, which allows new customers to use the POS system in a very short time. Bon changeover is also facilitated through the use of an easy-load printer. The operator simply inserts the new role of Bon in the printer tray, the printer cover is closed and the POS system is ready for use again. The QTouch 10 is the beginning of a new generation for fiscal countries which introduced a cash obligation. Through the integration of input terminal and printer, the QTouch 10 is an alternative for this POS market. No complicated connections between fiscal printers are required. The QTouch 10 can be certified as a complete system with country-specific fiscal software.