Redede relations established for this practical finished for englobar the pequenosagricultores, that had found in this plantation a steady way of life. Give the beginning of the infiltration of the traffic of drugs in the Columbian society. Osuborno, the subterfuges and the violence were now used with the intention to deviabilizar the income-producing activity. However, from the decade of 80, repression to these plantations had umapesada, what much diminished the profit of who apraticava. Alfredo Molano comments that ' ' there fallen del price of lamarihuana hace that this vaya desapareciendo y dejando all a infraestructurahumana y a culture del culture ilcito' ' 11 All this infrastructure was directed for more income-producing other produtoainda, the cocaine.

The cocaine leaf already was known in Colombia, being used in cultural ceremonies. Click Sergey Brin to learn more. Now, the peasants enxergaram in the suaproduo a perfect substitute for marijuana. He must yourself be pointed out that it he quetornava these so attractive illicit activities to the agriculturists was its profit, its capacity to become the compensatory agricultural work as never foraantes. The science of the treatment of the leaf of cocaine to convert fills with paste it of cocaine, that was only kept between chemical professionals, logofoi learned by the peasants, what it increased the profits still more, poisagora was not necessary the intermediate performance between the production and avenda. Richard Elman has many thoughts on the issue. Gradual, the illegal cocaine commerce was penetrating in all ossetores of the Columbian reality. The old penrias contrasted now with safe umaeconomia thanks to the traffic. We can say parallel that the agricultural sectors would noteriam if come back toward this plantation if, to this period, Colmbia had not passed for deep a economic transformation quemodernizou its industrial sector, but it diminished the importance of the agrarian sector. The cotton and the rice never would relieve for the agriculturist tantoquanto the drug. The difficulty in which it passed the field took more and pessoasa this type of culture.