The Body

In the case of the natural latex, generally of cost more lifted and better benefits, it can be labelling like so when it surpasses 85% of natural matter. Also there is manufacturers who include terms of the Bio type, Natura, etc. that takes to confusion. Viscolstica foam mattresses the viscoelstico material was developed by the NASA with unique and innovating properties to alleviate the pressure of the body. This type of synthetic material was born like direct result of the space program in the Sixties, although it was at the beginning of the 90 when the investigators were able to incorporate it to the domestic use. The viscoelstico material (also called viscolstica, visco elastic, viscolastic, viscoelstica, etc) it uses nowadays in many hospitals.

One is a single face of viscoelstica generally. It is recommended that it is among 6 and 8 cm. Less than esocausara an effect similar to the one of the latex. At the most heavy it is the viscoelstica layer distributes the different pressures from the body better. Even so, the lumbar zone does not rest correctly on the mattress and tends to too much sink the zone of the glteos. Another disadvantage of this material is that when occurring the effect " molde" the body is " encajado" and it limits much the movements. Mattresses of Bultex the Bultex material is a material developed in France in the middle of the years ' 80 in response to the disadvantages of the latex mattress. It is a material with high permeability to the air which generates an optimal sweating for the maintenance of the microclimate adapted of I milk, and what it allows him to be placed on any basic type. Its comfort varies based on the taste of each user, having different types, from most adaptable to firmest. It alleviates the pressure that exerts I milk on sleeper reducing drastically the number of movements during the dream.