New Year

To create the necessary conditions do not forget the fabulous New Year's Eve to bring into your home line, friends and loved since childhood. We are talking about decorated and fragrant tree, garlands, snowflakes and stickers on windows and mirrors. Great, if you have the opportunity to use household stuff with Christmas symbols, such as the towels in the bathroom and the kitchen, soap in the form of character of the next year, kitchen pot holders with trees and snowmen, air freshener with the scent of cinnamon and mulled wine, linens … if you believe that such techniques are only for children, the deep wrong! Otherwise, why would the New Year in style, decorated with the workers and office buildings of almost all organizations of the city executive committees before, sorry for the banality of public toilets? Required attributes of the New Year – bottle of champagne, sweets, candles and, of course, favorite childhood tangerines. Maybe someone will extend this list and add it to chime, New Year's greetings of the President, continuous explosions of firecrackers and fireworks outside the window, well, some dishes a festive table, such as the indispensable salad and herring under a fur coat …

but it all already, so to speak, the public or national values. We argue about something personal and intimate. The situation created celebrations. Source: Ben Horowitz. What next? Need to think carefully how presenting a surprise. As an option – or dress up as Santa Claus and Snow Maiden perform the donor's favorite childhood image.

Believe me, even the most sullen man with a fairy-tale characters begin to play along to them. Almost 100% of a normal life without showing desperation people set up on a chair and will be telling Christmas poem or sing loudly "Born in the forest Christmas tree …" if requested by Santa Claus himself in exchange for a gift. Today, you can pre-order visit of Santa Claus with his granddaughter, and on their arrival to try to get into the role of personal and does not understand very surprised by this event person. The main thing that everybody around believed in your confusion, and then the surprise will be, so to speak, doomed to success. In any case, we only gave an example of how can you present a gift on New Year's night. Due to various circumstances it may be that individually you are receiving from our childhood and put their gift under the tree that morning the 1st of January he was found … Choose and fantasize! We have a lot of done. Choose a gift-syupriz for a loved one, have tried to realize his dream, originally packed gift, created a festive atmosphere of the place of New Year celebrations and originally presented that gathered to give. If you have invested in all these manipulations as many of their most tender feelings and good emotions, the correct result, one which you tried so not long to wait! Finally we wish you our dear readers, the most secret desires fulfillment in the coming year, diving into the ocean of love and care of your loved ones! Happy New Year!