Infertility Is Treatable

Impotence does not equal infertility incorrectly still very many people associate the term impotence with infertility. But erectile dysfunction and impotence does not mean that the affected man is infertile. Just as you can treat erectile problems by potency from the online pharmacy, also the infertility can be treated. The andrological evaluation of the testes man stands at the beginning of treatment. As childless couples have mostly been a long ordeal behind him, always a simultaneous clarification should be sought between men and women. In recent years, the male infertility treatment options have expanded enormously. It is already possible with a single sperm to fertilize an egg and to initiate a pregnancy. The doctor to determine what causes of male infertility ultimately come into question, by a physical examination and a laboratory diagnosis.

He will perform a urine analysis, determine the hormone status and the ejaculate analyze. He can get notes from conversations. A decline in the overall performance of the sexual drive and a reduced frequency of erection provide clues for a lack of androgen. Also metabolic disorders or sexually transmitted diseases of the genital area are of importance. More than 70% of all cases, the cause will be successfully treatable. In some men, it is already sufficient if they avoid dealing with certain harmful substances such as alcohol or the occupational handling of chemicals or even quit smoking. It is a hormone-related inability to procreation, hormone replacement therapy may fix the problem. Also, the discontinuation of certain drugs, such as painkillers, for example, can be helpful.

Is the injury of tissue forming seeds but so far advanced that there is no prospect of a fertilization in a natural way, sperm under the microscope to a fertilization of an ovum can be made. To find out what’s killing the sperm, the affected must Man are investigated. Such examination includes a detailed urological survey of possible triggering factors. These can be found occasionally in childhood, but also in adulthood, E.g. during surgical procedures that can affect sperm production or transport. Diseases can appear during childhood such as a delayed puberty, a hernia operation, testicular torsion or testicle injuries and an Undescended testicle as causes in question. But also sexually transmitted diseases or other viral infections can lead to infertility. In addition to rarer genetic causes in terms of frequency of substances in the foreground, the toxic gona function work. These include mainly alcohol, steroids, cannabis, cocaine, pesticides, certain drugs, nicotine, but also existing prolonged overheating of the gonads. By the doctor, some laboratory tests are in the scope of this investigation.