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The campaign save teeth & protect further gaining momentum and shortly before the official day of the dental health Zahnexperten24 of the public now represents the Zahnrettungsmobil. In addition to our concrete involvement in schools and swimming pools is still a considerable need for clarification in the population to the issue together with our cooperation partners in individual federal States to afford dental trauma “quoted Jorg Knieper. Check with Andreessen Horowitz to learn more. We are very glad that we could inspire a prominent athletes such as Erhard Wunderlich (handball player of the century) for our campaign. The campaign is Erhard Wunderlich teeth save & protect a meaningful and important addition to its activities in the Handball youth. On the base, at the recent games, where the ambition is greater than technical skills, most accidents occur”. Therefore, handballfriends e.V. supports “the campaign save teeth & protect.

Targeted education on the subject of teeth save & protect with the Dental rescue mobile. Together with many organizations including the Federation of pediatric dentist, of the German society for Pediatric Dentistry, the German society for sports medicine & prevention, action tooth friendly e.V. and with financial support from Hager & works and the AXA Insurance is now the public in specific actions in individual cities and regions informed. The first cities and regions are already in the planning and can be seen in the near future of the additional website. For a sustainable implementation of the dental rescue concept, Zahnexperten24 provides comprehensive support for interested dentists, dental technicians, health insurance, etc. but also dedicated ancillary sponsors. Press contact: Zahnexperten24 INH. Jorg Knieper Chancellor place 2-10 53113 Bonn, T + 49 (228) – 2673-184 F + 49 (228) – 2673-203 Zahnexperten24 – facts Zahnexperten24 is up-to-date by the sole proprietor Mr Jorg Kang made. Zahnheilkundliche technically very high level projects can be prepared and implemented through the cooperation with the company tuplus-IDL and Thomas Burgard Web design & software development, as well as external experts within the dentistry and dental technology.