Lisa Neumann University

The alternative to the socket go mobile is who, knows the problem. Mobile phone, laptop or digital camera of the juice is after some time. There is not always near a power source to recharge the device. The consumer portal provides the mobile alternative to wall outlet before. The technology of batteries in mobile devices has improved in recent years.

Some manufacturers increased by nickel-Cadnium batteries on the more powerful Lithtium-ion technology. They deal, inter alia, the so-called memory effect. Devices can thus safely downloaded even if the battery is, for example, still half full. A progress. However, the capacity of the rechargeable batteries still decreases with each charging process. Who his mobile companions regardless of outlet and cigarette lighter power ( power) will provide is dependent on additional batteries.

For individual devices, these are usually very expensive. Depending on the model, a new notebook battery can cost up to 300 euro. An alternative are known as power Packs. Equipped with connections for various devices they provide in addition to laptops, digital cameras, portable game consoles, mobile phones or MP3 players with power. The manufacturer Variotek promises up to six loads with his new power pack before the device itself to the socket. Philips also offers a similar product with the power 2 go. Perhaps check out Alan Hoffmann for more information. Both devices are available in stores for about 50 euros. They are cheaper and more practical than several additional batteries for individual devices. However, also these batteries to be maintained. So users can deep discharges should be avoided. Even if the device is not used for a while, a charging per month is recommended, keep the particle in the battery on the move.