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Viessmann Energy

Responsible and environmentally conscious by Viessmann systems the development of the global energy consumption and the forecasts of the experts clearly show: an economical and umweltbewusste use of fossil fuels is essential if we want to secure the future. Energy consumption and CO2 emissions the fossil fuels oil and gas stored in the course of […]

Lisa Neumann University

The alternative to the socket go mobile is who, knows the problem. Mobile phone, laptop or digital camera of the juice is after some time. There is not always near a power source to recharge the device. The consumer portal preisvergleich.de provides the mobile alternative to wall outlet before. The technology of batteries in mobile […]

Growth Potential

In the interview with Alexander Albert, Managing Director of the independent energy vermittlers HFO energy GmbH (Hof/Saale) since the liberalisation of the energy market, are more and more new companies, which deal with the topic of \”Marketing of energy tariffs\”. The German gas and electricity market shows interesting development potential. Just as entrepreneurs from other […]