Growth Potential

In the interview with Alexander Albert, Managing Director of the independent energy vermittlers HFO energy GmbH (Hof/Saale) since the liberalisation of the energy market, are more and more new companies, which deal with the topic of \”Marketing of energy tariffs\”. The German gas and electricity market shows interesting development potential. Just as entrepreneurs from other sectors include the scope of energy marketing with your portfolio. We have summarized what trends seen in this growth market can be and how different companies and medium-sized businesses respond, together with Alexander Albert, Managing Director of HFO energy GmbH in this interview. Energy Magazine: Mr Albert, in the last few months we observed nationwide an enormous growth in new businesses from the energy marketing. How can you explain that? A.Albert: In the first years of the liberalisation of the energy market many citizens and entrepreneurs have shown little interest alternative power providers. Due to a regulatory conditions, could be difficult new Energy companies are created.Certainly there are popular new brands such as E.g. Yello power but the possibilities that it now cheaper can refer its gas and electricity tariffs, did not recognize many citizens.

Similar was the medium-sized companies nationwide to notice. Liberalisation was as it were not yet properly implemented. This has changed massively in the last 12 months. It open up more and more new power brokers and generate annual customer growth month after month. The economic crisis and the side-effects associated have certainly increased demand for cost optimization in the energy sector for citizens and businesses. Energy Magazine: How do the respective basic utilities, Stadtwerke about the increasing pressure of competition? A.Albert: It varies regionally.

We have Yes nationwide over 800 various public utilities/basic utilities. These start increasing customer loyalty programmes, respond to competitive offerings and increase your sales force more intensively to support the regional wholesale.