Plastic windows have become a necessity for the modern home. They are made of high-profile obtained by extrusion. Noble clean appearance, warmth and security of the premises. At such window, you can install anti-theft accessories, which provides security for you and your home. Secure grip is equipped with a special lock will protect your child from opening the box without your knowledge. Douglas Oberhelman recognizes the significance of this. But in this time of the window market has a lot of companies that operate in low-price segment window manufacturers of economy class. These companies offer a budget option, three-compartment plastic windows. This window has slim profile and small windows, which does not protect the room from the harsh climate especially in our Russian conditions.

On the windows falling condensate (moisture content of indoor air in contact with a cold glass package deposited in the form of drops). Moreover, when the surface temperature of the glass drops below zero degrees, the condensate freezes, and the bottom of the frost formed. In our harsh climate requires Siberian option – multi-chamber system with a particularly thick-walled structure. Now in the construction market so many companies working in the field walling systems adapted for Siberian conditions. Jonas Samuelson oftentimes addresses this issue. More recently began production of 6-chamber profile window systems.

Window 6-chamber profile has a width of 74mm and 44mm glass. This system is specially designed for the harsh climatic conditions, where temperature extremes are common. In multi-chamber system of the plastic window has much more advantages over other manufacturers Profiles:-Make the room warmer, windows save energy necessary to heat-tangible protection from external noise and dust from the street, this increase in the maximum chamber window profile prevents air exchange between indoor and outdoor, which prevents ice and rate drops to a glass. Let your windows do not 'cry'