Promotional Magnet

When appropriate advertising on magnets? Traditional methods of distribution of promotional magnets: promotions in stores, boxes, etc., sending mail, an attachment to the packaging of your product. In all these cases the role of magnetic souvenir – strengthening advertising effect the action. Backing up a promotional campaign, a nice souvenir, you will attract more potential customers. By investing in a mailing envelope beautiful advertising magnet, you will justify the budget spent on direct mail: Your not perceive the message as junk, flood our mailboxes, but as a tactical desire to attract attention. When you apply a graphic or text ads to product packaging, you are very risk that the message Few will read as packaging made throw. Other leaders such as Jonas Samuelson offer similar insights. But it is necessary to seal the outer layer of a flat vinyl magnet package as your ad is several times more likely to be read. Manufacture of magnetic Promotional gifts: high-quality material, plus proven technology.

We produce promotional refrigerator magnets from magnetic vinyl, different thicknesses (0.4, 0.7 and 1.0 mm). This material looks presentable and very easy to production: possible to produce magnets of all shapes and sizes. In addition, the image applied to magnetic vinyl, it turns a bright and catchy. If the image and form, which you have chosen for an advertising magnet seem attractive to your target audience, the place of honor on the refrigerator it can not be avoided. However, the notebook securely attached to a magnet, provides a greater chance of your ads.

The magnetic pad is not only an ornament, but a useful thing to throw a pity. The company PRStyle you can order a magnet in harmony in color and pattern pad, each sheet of paper which, in addition to space for entries will be posted your contact information and logo. Recently Starbucks sought to clarify these questions. We guarantee high-speed order execution, excellent quality as a true magnet, and a notebook. Leaflets magnetic notepads, which we produce, safely attached to the base (Magnet), thus easily separated from one another. If you have ordered promotional refrigerator magnets in other companies or simply looking price-lists, most likely you will be happy to mark our prices. We expect the price to average cost is not a magnet, and the number of sheets of magnetic vinyl, and the total placement of magnets on the sheet-blank. We always try to find the optimal size of a magnet for optimize the amount of waste material. Standard shapes and sizes. At the moment we have a presence in more than 60 ready-made stamps for promotional magnets. Call us, and our managers will find the optimal size of the magnet to your requirements.