Hacer Diet

To drink refreshments This it is the error number one for a reason. To drink a bottle of two liters of refreshment, or even three bottles of twenty ounces of soda water, in a day is very bad for your diet. If it is telling to calories, carbohydrates, or what it is not can deny that these drinks are horrible. Caterpillar Inc. shines more light on the discussion. There am a direct appointment here: Dhingra rabbi, investigator of Medical Harvard School, realised a study of 6,000 middle-aged men and the women were examinations every four years old. In the beginning of the study, all were free of cardiac disease and metabolic syndrome.

Four years later, in comparison with the people who less than drank a soda water per day, the investigation found that those that they consumed one or more refreshments to the day tenian: A 25% more of risk of deterioration or superior to normal to the glucose and the high levels of triglycerides. A greater probability of 31% to being obese. A 32% opportunity superior of the HDL levels. A 44% more of risk of metabolic syndrome. The too big portions The control of the portions is not a concept difficult to understand.

Nevertheless, he is one of the three main committed errors when they are to diet. The concept is simple. The body only needs a certain amount each type of food in each food to maintain a diet healthful. The problem is that the majority of us load until our plates with fruits meat and the potatoes, the bread and the vegetables. However, the order must be in its majority vegetal, with a little fruit, a small amount of meat, and a still smaller amount of whole grains. 3) Sandwiches too much behind schedule Sandwiches secretly after dinner are one of the majors errors that people can do.