Cosmos Thinking Scientists

I propose to consider examples of tactical and strategic thinking: For long-duration space Travel nasa scientists suggest using suspended animation. The idea suggested to them worms, which slowed the movement and thereby prolong their life by six times. Suspended animation for humans is the same as that of old age (old age – replacing maturity The age at which there is a gradual weakening and slowing down processes of the body). To artificially make a man old and sick, slow down his life, restricting his movement. What happens in prisons, where movement artificially restricted the size of the camera, in the end a lot of disease and early death. Another example of a slowdown: gypsum, imposed at the time of fracture.

Artificially slowing the mobility of hands to the bone coalesced as a result, if a year removed plaster, (that) the muscles are weak. They will atrophy because they were all the time are not claimed. Offer suspended animation – slowing down and conduct research in this direction can only scientists with the tactical thinking (employees who are trying to work less for “this” fee). Investigating the possibility of conception in the cosmos, scientists with the tactical thinking are experimenting with the sperm and egg cells of sea urchins in weightlessness. A strategically-minded scientists know that, if such natural physiological processes such as digestion, urination and defecation occur in astronauts normally, thus conceived will not cause problems.