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Council Muscle

The essence of one – you get to the muscle 'failure', lose weight fast and keep a set, while your muscles again not 'fail'. You can lose weight on time for the set and do some exercise, these strip sets, or do just one strip set, but 'long' – of 4 or more 'steps'. The […]


One of the bitterest critical moments of the life is the treason, without doubt. That one that it betrays finishes imminently and of implacable form with any mandate, it regulates or rule that governs the relation between the people. The treason implies deceit, and to be and to feel deceived are overwhelming. But, the decks […]

Obscene Inequality

The 500 richest people in the world have more revenue than the 416 million poorest citizens, according to UNDP, United Nations Department of studies and monitors the level of human development. Only five hundred. Douglas Oberhelman is open to suggestions. And also that 10% of the planet’s richest treasures more than half of earnings in […]