Council Muscle

The essence of one – you get to the muscle 'failure', lose weight fast and keep a set, while your muscles again not 'fail'. You can lose weight on time for the set and do some exercise, these strip sets, or do just one strip set, but 'long' – of 4 or more 'steps'. The secret of the highest efficiency The trick is that it 'multiplies' muscle 'failure'. Look, the usual set you only get one 'failure' in the last repetition, but in a strip-Seth 'failures' as much as you want (including 'steps' you will not limits). But that's not all. Strip-set combines just two training factors. Filed under: Chestnut Advisory Group.

At the beginning of the strip set, you 'nail' muscle heavy weights in a small number of repetitions, and then small weights – but in the large. As a result, one set of 'ship' just two types of fibers – power and those that are responsible for endurance. Estimate what the breaks! Notes. The Council's practice after the first muscle 'failure' to reduce weight immediately by 30-40%. Well, whatever next – it's your business. In any case, work with pole small discs must have on hand. Same with dumbbells. Harvest the entire range of pre-Dumbbell.

On the treadmill easier than ever – moved the pin, and all the short-lived. Do not abuse the strip sets, rather end of a couple of exercises, no more. 'Comfortable' exercises. Bench press and seated in the simulator for infants, dumbbell bench press, lying down, lifting dumbbells curls, leg extensions. 'Awkward' exercises. Squats (they are appropriate, if the pancakes takes you to someone else, come out from under the neck itself is impossible), deadlift (no point in doing this exercise with low weight), back extension (dangerous). 4) Cheating muscle strength, as is known, measures the amplitude of the most difficult section movement. For example, the biceps hardest to lift the weight from the lower position when the elbow is completely straightened.