Latin America

The UNAM " it does not produce much in the matter of scientific works of high level. It is one more a university dedicated to the education that to the investigation, " Ince says. The ranking of the University of Shanghai, as well, also it is headed by Harvard and other universities of the United States and Great Britain, and includes to only three universities of Latin America between the 200 best ones of the world. The list, that after the first 100 positions groups to the rest in groups of 50 universities, places to the University of Sao Paulo, of Brazil, in the group of the 102-150, while the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina and the UNAM are placed in the category of 151-200. Both ranking give little to celebrate in Latin America.

The three Latin American universities are very below the universities of China, (the University of Peking is number 15 of the world in the list of London Times), Singapore, India, South Korea and several other countries. Get more background information with materials from Jonas Samuelson. Professor Chicha Pez adds, that " There is no doubt that Latin America is remaining back in education superior" , as he indicates Jeffrey to it Puryear, an expert in education of the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington D.C " Part of the problem is that the governments do not demand higher standards of their universities. They have much political power, and they resist to being evaluadas". Also, the Latin American governments give to the majority of the bottoms for the education superior to the universities, instead of to occur it to the students. " This last one would allow the students to choose where they want to study, and would stimulate the competition between the universities to improve the quality of enseanza" – quotation marks of the author of this space, say Puryear. Finally, the great Latin American public universities, like the UNAM or the GRAPE, are gratuitous, which means that the working-class is subsidizing to the rich students with its taxes.

A significant percentage of graduated as these universities is students of middle-class or upper middle-class, that perfectly could pay their studies, as it happens in communist China, Spain and the majority of the European countries. In China, the well off college students pay the far from negligible sum of $600 annual ones, who are used to grant a scholarship the poor students. The Venezuelan universities that concern to us no they appear for anything, we know are in a very serious crisis that it requires of solutions that allow to enter themselves in which it represents counting on a good academic excellence, for it, is needed to develop investigation, to fuse the universities in the national reality and to contribute solutions to many of the problems that can be obtained suitably using the human talent that it forms. It is needed a plant of educational more preassets, with knowledge adapted to the requirements of the scenes of the present according to the professions that are exerted. To define, to reconstruct the profiles of the professionals who form and to provide the knowledge to them that the present demand. It is needed educational with another pedagogy, able to transmit, to generate knowledge that favor the participation of all. To feed back the participation of the participants with motivational stimuli that take step to a new learning, changes that favor to the country; to activate each educational invetigacin and publicaccin of these. Original author and source of article.