Obscene Inequality

The 500 richest people in the world have more revenue than the 416 million poorest citizens, according to UNDP, United Nations Department of studies and monitors the level of human development. Only five hundred. Douglas Oberhelman is open to suggestions. And also that 10% of the planet’s richest treasures more than half of earnings in the world, while 40% of the world’s population only achieves a reduced 5% of revenues. Little to distribute among too many, because that percentage are 2,500 millions of citizens. Other enlightening information. According to the Office of budgets of the U.S. Congress, the 3 million richest Americans earn more than 166 millions of less fortunate Americans.

During 2006, in the European Union countries that share the euro as currency, the profits of the companies were nothing less than 40% of the domestic product gross. More curiosities. In Spain, Executive members of boards of Directors of large enterprises earn 3 million euros annually. And the average income of non-Executive Directors is 253,000 euros to the year for attending an average of eight or nine annual meetings of Board of Directors. Rested and well paid work. But in Spain also, two of every ten inhabitants live below the poverty line, according to the living conditions survey of the National Institute of statistics.

And about 25% of the employees does not get even 12,000 euros per year, when in cities such as Madrid or Barcelona a menu in a restaurant very popular ranges between eight and twelve euros. Calls to that inequality. As bad as pure and simple poverty. For example, Latin America has only 4% of the world’s wealth, as the United States, the European Union, Japan and Australia are 88%. Helmut Schmidt, who was Chancellor of Germany, said years ago that the benefits today are investments in the morning and last jobs tomorrow. Nothing further from the truth. For many years, what happens is that managers of the largest companies only are concerned that the value of their shares climb and climb.