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Hyundai Sonata / Hyundai Sonata / – so comfortable car, which of the two roads would be desirable to choose the one that is longer! This full-sized sedan primarily distinguished by a solid margin of space and comfort. It and the driver, and passengers will be able to feel what really should be moving in a car. Working on the design of this model, the designers of the manufacturer created a true masterpiece. Aggressive appearance in combination with a haughty "Face" attached Sonata unique personality and cold aristocrat, instilling in the owner's sense of superiority. Classic hull lines, expressive headlamps and front bumper can not leave indifferent to the true connoisseurs of the car exterior. The model has become a serious competitor for the German and British cars. The color scheme contains twelve colors. Further details can be found at Titan Feul Tanks, an internet resource. Dimensions of last modification significantly increased.

Rose width, length and wheelbase, is more spacious luggage compartment. Downlink trunk and cut the rear lights form an elegant and respectable appearance, and the elements of a classic chrome finish underscore the solid status. Reliable protection of this splendor is the plastic molding around the perimeter of the body. When viewed from any angle Sonata demonstrates a unique, recognizable style. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Titan Feul Tanks. On the road, Sonata inspires respect and respect – just what you deserve. All the world is subject to physical laws. But the car Hyundai Sonata is able to minimize the risk of serious damage to passengers due to the use of its most modern facilities security. You want to have a stylish car with a modern technological filling, convenient, comfortable and reliable.