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Alimentary Consumption

The study was carried through in the state school Getlio Vargas in the city of Manaus, where the sexos had been evaluated the students of the basic education of both, with minimum age of 13 years. pupils had been taken for a space reserved in the school, during the interval of lesson, being collected the […]

The Water

About 26 countries, in its majority located in the African continent, already they meet below of this value. With the fast population growth, one gives credit that innumerable other localities will have to reach this category in the next future. Some regions of the planet (Pequim, City of Mexico, New Deli and Recife, in Brazil) […]

Pressure Outflow

2.5 Measurement of Outflow the air outflow is calculated by the VMA having used itself two parameters: the area of the box (area of the section of the box where if locates the crosspiece of measurement of pressure? pickup of air) and characteristic factor K of the box (pickup gain or supply pickup gain). With […]

Teaching Football

Through the teaching episodes made, realizing that it was possible you work in diverse and attractive, combining geometry – polyhedra and football. With the proposed activities, the students interacted actively during the teaching episodes occurred in the Laboratory of Mathematics Teaching, building knowledge on the subjects studied. Keywords: To regulate Polyhedra – Mathematical Concepts – […]