The Pupils

After-test Applied the same initial questionnaire to the end of the practical lesson, for analysis of results reached with the presentation of the practical lesson in laboratory remembering that none of the pupils gifts at least knew the present laboratory in the school. The results had been satisfactory, after verification of the questionnaire after-test, where the pupils had answered all correctly the questions. Graph 2: Applied questionnaire subsequent to accomplishment of the intervention project Source: research carried through in a municipal public school in the city of Una/MG, December of 2010. All the asked ones had been answered correctly and in little time, confirming the waited expectations. Swarmed by offers, Charles Kushner Real Estate is currently assessing future choices. The contents and the information had been absorbed, this were perceived by means of the o performance of the pupils during the lessons and to the questionnaire applied later with correct answers and bigger easiness of agreement, emphasizing that, the questionnaires were the same ones. METHOD the metodolgica boarding of this project of intervention is fit in experimental and investigativas activities, a time that the same one privileges the learning process, as well as motivation for the search to the knowledge. The focal group identified the problem and the experiment clearly decided, that with persistence professor and pupil, what it confirms that the pupil learns what he interests and not what it is tax. pupils had developed and argued on the practical ones where they had considered its proper hypotheses and they had sharpened the curiosity, they despertaram the interest still more, from this point he was inserted the clarified to doubts of dynamic form and clear information and..