The person who reads acquires knowledge enriching its vocabulary and extends its personal formation potencializando its intellectual capacity of use and manipulation of the knowledge. According to Blacksmith, the reading in the ones of a security in the construction of the clear language saying what we want to say. The information guarantees a satisfactory level of arguments. (2004, P. 27) the Reading is essential in all the areas of the knowledge, therefore it makes possible the acquisition of different points of view and widening of experiences. It is important that the reader places attention in what is being read so that understands the general idea of the text.

Rasp apud Gregory, the mind human being until we know where it, is a force that functions activated for motivations. A clock can beat the hours next to an ear, an object can inside launch its image of the visual field, but the negligent mind will not hear nor it will see nothing. (1991, P. 104) For educating, the reading is an important vehicle for the creation, transmission and transformation of the culture, therefore it is important to take texts that call the attention so that after the reading, is made the reflections on the subject. To the times what he is taught in the school he is forgotten with the time. If we practised the interpretativa reading, searching to understand what he is being read on the contrary to decorate information, the knowledge would not be forgotten later and the doubts that we have when writing could be cured by the habit to read, therefore the reading becomes our ampler and diversified vocabulary. As It hisses, the act to read is, basically, a knowledge act. to know means to more forcefully perceive the existing forces and relations in the world of the nature and the world of the men. (1995, p.12) to stimulate the educandos to the reading in a lesson of sciences it is important that the professor exerts this practical that is basic in learning processes, therefore thus it becomes an observer, investigator and reflexive on its dynamic, improving its practical pedagogical and approaching the learning of the substance.