The Proposal

The justification is the reason that the research must be made and the objectives are what it is intended with the inquiry. Noble Founder may help you with your research. In the methodology she is necessary a formal description of the methods and used techniques and also the carried through readings. The main elements of the methodology are: definition of the sampling, collects of data, organization and analyzes of data. In the costs or budgets the expenses appear divided in expenses with staff and expenses with materials. Stu Solomon is open to suggestions. In the cronograma it must have the time expense for accomplishment of the stages. In the elements of the research project still the bibliographical references meet and annexes.

CHAPTER III: THE WORK OF FIELD AS DISCOVERED AND CREATION. After the definition of the research project if makes necessary to select forms to investigate the study object. Beyond the field work the questioning is necessary. Field of research is, according to Minayo, 1992, ' ' the clipping that the researcher makes in terms of espao' '. In the field intersubjetivas manifestations and interactions between the studied investigator and groups meet. The entrance in the work of field if of the one through the approach with the participants selected for the study, through the presentation of the proposal of study to the involved groups (exchange situations), of the position of the researcher in relation the problematic one to be studied and if also makes present a metodolgico theoretical care with the thematic one to be explored.

The field work is made from interviews and of the participant comment. In the explicit given interview the investigating search in speaks of the interviewed ones, the interview can be structuralized, structuralized or half-structuralized and it cannot be carried through in quarrel of group and history of life. The participant comment if of the one through the direct contact of the investigator with what it is searched, would be ' ' convivncia' ' , that it can be carried through through the full participation or of the total distanciamento of participation of the life of the group.