VARIO 7 – Warehouse Management In The Shipping Trade And The Branch Operations

More transparency in warehouse management in the merchandise management/ERP VARIO 7 shipping creates greater data transparency within the company and branch work and promotes communication between the individual branches and the head office. So can be enforced for one such as company-wide pricing policies more efficiently and to improve customer service, for example by examining the availability of goods in other branches and warehouses. The warehouse management is one of the most important improvements. In addition to the warehouses and the quantities in stock, stock values, storage locations, Kommisionslager, extra storage, warehouse circles and the chaotic stock management create more transparency. Of course, VARIO 7 dominated the track business/Dropshipping, so the delivery of goods directly from the supplier to the customer. VARIO 7 naturally has shipping inventory support with counting lists or a connection of mobile data entry (MDE). Furthermore, the customer relationship management solution was involved, short CRM, VARIO 7 This allows to plan campaigns, to manage and perform. Supported by recognizing the sale and Akquisechancen of the marketing action even up to the complete history of all the measures, the new VARIO 7 CRM.

The consistent orientation of a company to its customers and the systematic design of customer relation processes is meant. The documentation and management of customer relationships are important building blocks and allow a deeper relationship marketing. For the branch operations, VARIO can be all funds with the same software managed fund through the module. The Fund covers all what has to offer a modern and future-oriented Fund. With touch screen without keyboard and mouse can be operated, the VARIO-cashier’s Office by intuitive operation sets new standards in ergonomics. Moreover, convinced the client-capable ERP system due to its modular design, its flexibility and its high Parametrisierungsgrad. VARIO 7 is industry-neutral and can be used by the retailer on the Wholesaler and to the shipping and merchant also be used, such as chain stores and franchises. Schedule a live demonstration (online demonstration) with us directly on your monitor, or simply send us a short message to E-Mail: