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In the so-called rich media Internet age no longer sufficient text and images; Internet users expect more: you simply want moving images, videos, Entertainment – we offer it all to perfection geared to the wishes and needs of our customers”. And the investment for more entertainment provider pay: search engines such as Google to review Internet sites with videos as a particularly valuable with the consequence, that these pages be better ranked and the provider that clearly stands out from the competition. With an own TV appearance combines the Internet with a classic print magazine the magazine big is beautiful homogeneous, heralding the crack of a new and challenging era in the industry. About WECONDA the WECONDA virtual studio productions is a free TV production company for the production of virtual audio-visual content for broadcasting and Internet distribution. In the virtual TV Studio real camera images with computer-generated scene images, taking into account the camera movements are added together in a green Cycloarena contour free in real time, so that for the viewer and for moderators/presenters the impression of a unified, indeed in the Studio existing 3D-Kulisse is created. The full digital HD Studio is able to create graphically sophisticated Studio sets and three-dimensional environments. WECONDA is one of the most innovative companies in Europe through the use of the currently most powerful rendering system for improved performance in real time.

Creative set designs and Studio environments achieve a new dimension of flexibility and dramaturgy. In addition to the daily supply for local and national TV stations, WECONDA a rich media translates optimized integration of web 2.0 – content for newspapers, radio stations, as well as business enterprises. Individual content deliveries are always aligned on the CI of the information media, the sectoral targeting, as well as the specific Spartenzuschauerschaft. Owner of the WECONDA virtual media productions is the Diplom (FH) journalist George Dunning. Description of the company the big is beautiful Germany GmbH is editor of the magazine, which is published four times a year.

A glossy magazine that focuses on women from Size 42 and deliberately focuses on the plus size audience. Big is beautiful (BB) this conveys the tenor that the dress size is, regardless of life and lifestyle to take an active part in self understanding and thus promotes the self-confidence of the XXL target group. In addition to the areas of fashion, lifestyle and beauty are health, cuisine, as well as care in the foreground. BB with an invariably high quality magazine print quality as well as in editorial treatment of the topics has a future-oriented and ever-growing consumer group. The range of topics is an authentic way to transport experience of the target group and to achieve an identification through testimonials by interviews with national and international celebrities and personal reports. The circulation is 100,000 copies; in Germany the sale takes place in collaboration with the ASV & Vertriebs GmbH. Company contact: Big is beautiful Germany GmbH Aaron Groeneveld Groendahlscher way 87 46446 Emmerich am Rhein Tel: 02822 600310 E-Mail: Web: Web page: PR contact: WECONDA virtual studio productions Georg Mahn Grosse Strasse 79 c-27313 Dorverden Tel: 04234/942564-0 E-Mail: Web: