Soviet Union

Likewise, when you install high vertical elements should include pads under load and the tie on top. Static circuit bearing elements of the railway platform should be the same as m for transport by road. Installation of spatial coating technique installation of prefabricated coverings of space depends on the type and size of collected construction and on nature of its division into prefabricated elements of their size and shape, the design of the joints. In the design of spatial surfaces and division of them into prefabricated elements should strive for maximum simplification and facilitation installation (without scaffolding and falsework, directly from the vehicle). We explain this situation specific examples of different mounting shells.

First team wrappers, implemented in the Soviet Union, are shell of positive curvature on a square plan, developed by the Leningrad PI-1. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Howard Schultz and gain more knowledge.. At the beginning of the mass of these shells were collected from flat slabs of size 3 X 3 m and the contour of diaphragms in the form of segmental concrete farms. Installation of such shells, originally performed by forests, and then on adjustable -mesh guard, repeating the shape of the shell. Application of the conductor assembly, which does not need to disassemble and assemble in each cell is allowed to bring labor costs to 1,2-1,56 people. h per 1 m2, but this was not satisfactory. For comparison, the assembly of planar cover the costs of labor are 0,25-0,41 people. h per 1 m2. Further reduction of labor costs has been achieved consolidation of prefabricated slabs up to 6 X 3 X 3 and 12 m, which will simplify and facilitate the assembly jig and reduce the number seams.