Unique Mobile Dictation System Overcomes Media Discontinuity

elaura replaced previous dictation methods Aachen, 02.09.2010 the thoughts are free”so easily find inspiration to us, so quickly leave us unfortunately also them. Forgotten ideas and events for individuals are annoying, they can be sometimes really expensive for businessmen. The mobile Dictation System elaura makes superfluous and needed special equipment only, what you’ve got (almost) always with a cell phone. Everyone knows situations, where they unexpectedly time or where, as soon as possible important notes must be logged: whether you now with the car in a traffic jam, right towards home find good arguments for the housework or wants to hold professional first impressions, diagnosis or opinion. How much easier it would be to work productively in these situations and without known the methods that require either a paper or specially purchased equipment. With the first mobile Dictation System elaura now anyone can mobile dictate and get in writing sent to saving their thoughts time, works anywhere and is also completely anonymous and secure data. Elaura to use, is the elaura telephone server via a phone call and leave a dictation. elaura type the text and the Web server automatically sends to the result by E-Mail.

So the user has free immediately back hands, head and time according to the dictates available and promptly receives his notes directly in writing. “” elaura: discharge of private and professional paperwork often private thoughts are too intimate, professional ideas to explosive in foreign hands to give “, Lukas Klein, white project manager elaura GmbH. is that taken into account, and therefore is the dictation system in elaura completely secure and anonymous.” Contact data and streams be encrypted at suitable locations, to ensure maximum data reliability. elaura is not an open system and contains also no (call) tracing. All personnel involved with the dictates are a Assurance of the contact data of the user separately and get not even knowing the phone number of the caller. The provided dictation texts for highest security encryption is available on request. There is more info on elaura, as well as the possibility, the modern dictation system to test 14 days free of charge on.

Elaura short profile: elaura is the first modern mobile Dictation System. Traditional dictation methods are superseded by this unique mobile system. elaura needed only a mobile phone and thus guaranteeing maximum flexibility and location independence. The service works in completely anonymous and encrypted. Whether business, important notes, spontaneous ideas or memories with elaura can relieve themselves journalists, doctors, students, u.v.m. of private and professional paperwork.