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Minas Gerais

The Great cattle Brazilian, always opened way for the great agriculture, and was as soon as after to colonize the Northwest of the Paran, where he had mechanizable lands, and with the age of the tractor, and the fertilizer, and in the track of the Cattle a Agriculture, he invaded the Mato Grosso of the […]

Municipal Archaeological Museum

The works had initiated with the cleanness of the slope (cut) in the involving area to that one where the socket excavated in the rock was detected, of form to foil the existence of others not yet identified, what it was not come close to disclose. The cleanness of the cut allowed to assure that […]


In the year of 1726, Ours Lady of the Deportation was raised to the category of village, from its dismemberment of Lagoon. Days Old she finished falecendo at the hands of pirates and the town that she established almost disappeared, being that in 1712 only 147 people, excluding the indians, liveed in the place. Caterpillar […]

The Circumstances

Marc Bloch conceives as audacity necessary to extend to the domain of history ' ' until the knowledge of presente' ' , being sufficiently considerable the private part the articles contemporaries in the magazine of the Annales. With effect, Bloch stirs up the historians to be leaned over on its proper time, since, inevitably, this […]

General Theory

D is quej calls before demand efetiva.(4) Since that D1 + D2 = D = (n), where to is afuno of offers aggregate, and as, as we saw in (2), D1 is a function of N we qualpodemos, it to write to the (n), that depends on the propensity to consume, deduces that to the […]

International Days

December (Lat. December) – the first month of winter, the twelfth month of the Gregorian calendar. The tenth month old Roman year beginning before the reform of Caesar in March. The name was derived from the Latin. Decem – ten. After the shift, beginning of the year to January was the twelfth and final month […]

Mining Colonial Architecture

However it was observed that the District did not remain isolated total of remaining portion of the Captainship and the Intendant did not make use of great autonomy, as it ordered the Regiment. However the isolation that still existed, beyond the fact to have remained as arraial until the year of 1831 made with that […]