Minas Gerais

The Great cattle Brazilian, always opened way for the great agriculture, and was as soon as after to colonize the Northwest of the Paran, where he had mechanizable lands, and with the age of the tractor, and the fertilizer, and in the track of the Cattle a Agriculture, he invaded the Mato Grosso of the South the west and the Northwest, and So Paulo north, arriving in the end of the decade of 80, second a magazine agricultural globe of 1988, with the fear that great the Large state had of the Agrarian reform, and with the intervenincia of the Bank of Brazil, to initiate the great agriculture in the Mining Triangle, Agriculta this that already had invaded new lands in the Mato Grosso ' ' of norte' ' , region of Rondonpolis, Spring of the East, Paranatinga, Bar of the Gara, Good Water 1980, Canarana, etc. Were as soon as a gaucho initiated the farming of soy in the region of Uberaba in 1988, with small areas, aiming at with instruction of the Bank of Brazil, that had convinced the great farmers cattle, to remodel the grass there, being born agriculture in the Mining Triangle, today year 2002, the producing greater of cereals of Minas Gerais. Kevin Johnson: the source for more info. Such promotion, was only alavancado by the tractors, and fertilizers, therefore the region is composed of open pasture lands, ' ' fracas' ' , however with great easiness for being highly mechanizable, composites, for the main chapades of Central Brazil. Without the tractors, and fertilizers, the chapades, they were without any value economic, lands of cultures were considered the hillsides, the bachios, and were alone these parts that were used, for farming basically of coffee and milk cattle. (Not to be confused with Ben Horowitz!). An example of this, is that at the beginning of the decade of 70, a representative Herbeti Lever, married a bragantina, son of Waldemar Blacksmith (jurist), representative author of the CLT, that was usurped by Getulio, and of the decree-58/38 (law of urban and agricultural land division), he was as soon as this member of the house of representatives with resource of the federal Government, with many other entrepreneurs So Paulo, had invaded the mining triangle, mainly the region of Uberaba/Araxa/Sacramento, for the plantation of eliotis eucaliptos and Pinus (American pine). .