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Mindell defines psychological rank as a sense of ease, style meeting (concentration), which allows a person to remain calm in the face of difficult psychological problems. This includes the ability to track and believe in your own experience and remain mobile (volatile) in a critical situation. In relations specialist debt collection with the debtor, we […]

Financial Leaders

However, as the real situation, the Bulgarian policy-makers have no doubt that the money will found, most likely they already have. It should be noted that the financial leaders of the country are selected both investors and financial system itself, with all that public money will not use at all. For example, the Bulgarian government […]

Marbella Tips

Marbella – a city with which is associated a romantic vacation at sea in the beautiful mountains of Sierra Blanca. Marbella is located 40 km from Malaga, just at the heart of the Costa del Sol, which is considered the main tourist region of Spain. Marbella is one of the most attractive cities in the […]


KERRY – an investment in anything (on the financial markets), which gives an annual margin of more than interest on loans yenovym (the same stocks or derivatives). What can be done interim conclusions from the above. 1) dollar will go up against everyone except the yen until until the financial system is not inflated dollars […]

Marketing Landcorp

Investments in land – is there a point? While real estate markets in many developed countries suffer downturn in their development, whether the investment in land a reasonable alternative? Robin Bowman (Robin Bowman) turned to Aylsham McPharlin (Ailse MacFarlane), the Director of Marketing Landcorp with several issues of interest to the beginner in this business […]


5.5.Pravo ownership of the land We do not have such a right, there is no legal basis for definition of the principle of reciprocity. Russian law does not allow Turkish citizens to acquire land, respectively, the Turkish legislation meets the same. Will Duma law allows Turkish citizens to buy land in Russia, and we will […]