KERRY – an investment in anything (on the financial markets), which gives an annual margin of more than interest on loans yenovym (the same stocks or derivatives). What can be done interim conclusions from the above. 1) dollar will go up against everyone except the yen until until the financial system is not inflated dollars (the dollar would not be so scarce), judging by that Libor has not yet observed, 2) Once this is done will sharply devalue the dollar, because American foundations ordered live long, and 3) when that moment and will form the bottom will be known only after the fact. Such is the bleak picture. On the charts in my mind, there are some signs of leadership.

1) Tail on the Dow Jones almost 700! points (lower spruzhinivanie). In addition, the index has fulfilled his head to 9500 (as I said earlier) and now begs at least a return to breaking through the level, even if on all the same going down. Plus, the American office on the eve of the elections will seek, by fair and falsehood raise funds that can support and yenovye crosses. 2) Technically, reached important levels of which are very likely at least some correction. By pure Yen I said 99 yen. Here is my good friend – the red median. She always worked very well. Look, with a sympathetic price applies to it.

Look at the euro-yen. Here are some calculations for the fall. No hoax – entirely measure progress on working punched ranges. Price up to close the week, very close second objective tested 135 + / -. Here, probably, the price is delayed for some time and may even go to the District 141 + / -. A pound of 1.7150 reached the goal – 20! Median-year old is you do not just like that. It is a very specific support. From her rebound can get a figure such things at 15!. Well, the curtain will discuss the euro-dollar. In fact, objective 1.31 is not achieved – if as formally, we can assume that got (the error is 1.5 figure on 16 pieces of motion is normal). This is, in the sense that Selonians can close, but afraid to buy open. On the Daily catches the eye gloomy bear trend. But leading the symptoms must also be such as to take into account. H4 time frame. Figure technical analysis box. Markups speaking, this is a signal to continue falling, BUT! there are times when working out the shape can go in an entirely different direction. In view of the big oversold course this scenario does not seem too likely. I guess we’ll see 1.43 faster than 1.29. We’ll see how open Monday – can easily revert to a range of the flag. And it will be mean lower Falls with the truth at the top. So what! And two more words about consumerism. I hear talk that this crisis has changed the world and he would not like before. That investors would be clever to weigh their risks, etc. Heh-heh! Tea at 29-33, they also thought. In my opinion George Bernard Shaw said: “History teaches us only that it is not something we do not teach …