Mindell defines psychological rank as a sense of ease, style meeting (concentration), which allows a person to remain calm in the face of difficult psychological problems. This includes the ability to track and believe in your own experience and remain mobile (volatile) in a critical situation. In relations specialist debt collection with the debtor, we have a situation of confrontation ranks, which will occupy the dominant position of one who has it above. On a subjective level encounter with a man of high rank much know from personal experience, when For example, a person with high social status or superiority in physical strength makes another feel inferior position. In a word, life – is, indeed, the struggle to survive and win in it one who has a set of ranks (biological, social, intellectual, psychological) is higher than the competition.

In short, the second criterion is also presented as polar values of high and low-grade psychological and intermediate range of states. If the above two criteria: the level of mental activity and the level of psychological rank in the form of two scales, at one extreme, which will scale the high values and the other low and lay them in the form of Cartesian coordinates, then we get a working typology of psychological portraits of the debtors. Of course, this simplified classification, which I detail directly during the training, but it is, in my view, gives an overview of the psychological types of debtors and their behavior. Type 1: High level of mental activity + high psychological rank "Working name, which give participants at the trainings: "Aggressor," "Maniac" and others.