Suspended Ceilings

The advantage to stretch ceilings Photo: practicality ecological fire safety serviceability design of suspended ceilings – the selection criteria before you order the design of suspended ceilings with art photopress sure to pay attention to design are made of ecologically harmless to the health of colors. The firm – the seller must have certificates proving environmental applied formulations. The second criterion is the photo quality suspended ceilings. Minor defects can be well visible in apartments with low ceilings. Printing should be displayed on the canvas as a real painting or photo.

To achieve high quality printing equipment should be used with a minimum resolution of 1440 dpi. Coat of paint should match-up resistance to mechanical damage and fading. Photo printing is applied on special durable blade width 2.4 meters, and stretched as 2,7. Stretch ceilings are of two types: regular, seamless and suspended ceilings. We refused to work with seamless ceiling, taking care capacity.

Although the width of a seamless ceiling gives the possibility to reduce the number of joints in large rooms. Photo printing on such suspended ceilings (alcohol) paint, as hazardous human health, they are not advised to use a residential area. After a certain period of time in a cloth produced seamless ceiling sagged due to the fact that it is heavier than usual. Along with this, such Stretch ceilings are one-off, as in the case of leakage, or other circumstances, would have to buy a new suspended ceiling ceiling. Installation of suspended ceilings using a blade should be made competent installers, and other design suspended ceilings with art photo printing is significantly distorted.