The Strong Sense Of Religiosity

In the third volume of the spiritual guidelines of the Religion of God, collection that has published over the past 10 years, Paiva Netto played one of the most serious wounds of human life on Earth, and that needs to be recognized and treated so as to avoid gangrene: is the duty of Religion, beyond teaching the existence of the immortal spiritrealization of the practical results of that essential knowledge on the reform of the world. Social paradise is only materialize through spiritual progress. Here’s the pragmatism that, through the Religion of God, Brazil, in the light of the new commandment of Christ, offers to humanity, because such notions will make mature the awareness of peoples towards the spiritual reality that nobody can escape. Not the manifestation of that which is born with man, even an atheist can be prevented with impunity: the sense of religiosity which is expressed in the most varied ways. It is of historical determinism and, above all, divine determinism. Before that Science conclude it, fatally, in the laboratory.

On the eternity of life, it is up to Religion not only speak with greater objectivity about the existence of the spirit after death, but also investigate the still invisible world. In terms of modern man demanding eyes, religions, most of the time, they have offered a spiritual uncertainty, full of mysteries hence fear of the future, materialism, affirmed in the physical senses, presented to the world a reality of their convictions, which considers palpable. That has dragged the men to the eagerness of the joy of material things: Let’s take advantage now, because we don’t know what comes next if it exists somewhat later is heard at each corner (when not by words, acts that express this exact sense). Hence delirium and violence growing in not respecting anything more ().