American Marketing Association

Marketing (or Russian rynkovedenie) – is "the implementation of business processes in the direction of the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer" – American Marketing Association says. Making adjustments to now, we simply formulate the concept of marketing as an area of knowledge that deals with market needs, strengths and weaknesses of the firm, as well as competitors. Moreover, if the accents – the first marketing department in the enterprise must analyze competitors, and the last – to study the needs of customers. Maybe it's not a textbook, but often the consumer does not know what he wants, and chooses what he is offered. We believe that in terms of marketable surplus and total surplus is very selective buyer, their preferences tend to be known brands, but at the same time to formulate their long-term expectations may be only a small group of consumers.

As an example, the history of players Walkman Corporation Sony. Engineers Corporation decided to try make a small tape recorder and were able to realize this engineering design. The company's management about it knew nothing. On personal relationships, engineers were asked to marketing, conducting regular surveys of customers, include a few questions about small tape recorders. While these studies were carried out, hyperactive inzhenenry on personal ties agreed with pilot production to produce a trial batch of new products. When the party players were released, marketers gave the conclusion that more than 70% customers have a negative attitude to the idea of walking down the street with headphones worn on a belt and a tape recorder.