Much refers to the power of visualization. Make it the majority of texts and the people who use this word to refer to a way in which human beings can transform the physical world and the reality in which we live: the famous law of attraction. The basic idea, as almost everyone have heard, is that the mind is so powerful that just think of what we want in life so that the force and the power of our mind will attract it and materialize it. It is the key to satisfying our desires. Just imagine the life you want and you will have it. Obviously the situation is not as simple as it sounds. If so, the vast majority of human beings would be earned a lot of money and even giving away it in the streets.

But it turns out that this visualization, popularly known as creative visualization, perspective is not so easy to put into practice effectively. In fact, scientifically never has been demonstrated that the display is the effects that are described in the law of attraction. However necessary to underline that neither has been demonstrated that it is not possible or real. Further, as more we understand energy nature of matter, thanks to discoveries and advances in Sciences like quantum physics, we can see that the idea that our thoughts may be responsible for creating our physical reality and our life circumstances is not far-fetched. Thus, those visualizations that are aimed at making having more money, attracting the ideal couple or meet any of our desires, may well be the best way to achieve them, the matter is that we cannot say even with total certainty. On the other hand, there is a side of the visualizations that is much less publicized than the metaphysical perspective just cited, but that is scientifically completely proven.