Porcelain Wedding

Ah, the wedding! Wedding sang and walked and already 5 and 10, and 15 years ago! Newlyweds are not so young: crossed the 20-second threshold of their life together. Children – have grown and the grandchildren were not born yet, so it's time to live and enjoy. A holidays – the best way to cheer up themselves and their loved ones. And then you received the invitation in the form of a blue postcard beautiful with two lovely doves and the words: "Welcome to a celebration dedicated to the 20 th anniversary marriage ". And in my head began to spin: "What to give?" Like, people over 20 years together, it means that life from them completely arranged.

If this is not true and you know about it, the best gift would be the modern appliances: iron, clock, teapot, deep fryer, bread maker, . Choice – huge! Previously, of course, talking to the perpetrators of the celebration and invited the rest (if you all know, of course), it has not turned so that the couple experienced will be "happy" owners of the three coffee makers, toasters, five or eight blenders. If you donate appliances in your plans is not included, then get help from the good old tradition – the blessing, the earth is full of Slavic. So, you searching the Internet, looking into the directory and find that the wedding is – porcelain! And what does this mean? Hence, the main gift for a celebration, of course, china! Then it all depends on your imagination, the degree of kinship with spouses, and finance.