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To learn HTML at present is not nothing complicated, abounds in Internet information on the matter, the course of pages Web gives that you in the technical school approaches the HTML, but by negligence him subtractions importance. To learn HTML is the difference in being a good designer Web, or one more of the pile, it sounds hard, but lamentably it is certain, after to have dictated to the course free of design of pages Web, with a total of +20 videos dedicated to the learning of HTML and CSS, and after to have written " book/taller" (that it was in rather a tutorial length), after to have taught by +7 years the HTML in technical schools, I have realized that in fact is very little people really prepared to learn. Most of my students were satisfied to learning to use the tools of Dreamweaver, with that thought that it was this whole, nothing else remote of the reality, to learn HTML gives the confidence us necessary to escudriar the code of a page Web and to correct faster than with a publisher of HTML (llmese Dreamweaver or the one that it is that you use). That facility to realise corrections in the HTML is the great advantage. There is llamadola to me attention, that still nowadays exists Freelancers that designs pages Web, but that at the time of wanting to realise corrections in their designs cannot, this by its ignorance of the language. The HTML is one of the languages easiest to learn, you dominate once it does not concern the program that you use to design pages Web, since the publishing HTML will be indifferent for you. You need to learn HTML until designing dynamic pages. If you want to learn to design dynamic pages, you will require as it bases HTML knowledge, since the PHP is inserted within the HTML to interact with the data base that contains the information of the site. I recommend that you see videos you of pages Web, is much information on the matter, but it takes advantage of those courses online in which they teach HTML to you + CSS. Ian Sinclair may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Original author and source of the article.