Teoria Shrek

We all know film dealing with an ogre green, very famous indeed. They remember when the you are conversing with his friend the donkey and he speaks of himself as an onion that is very ugly in the outer layer, but as the layers of the onion are taking one finds that these are changing in appearance, becoming more white and crystal clear, until you reach the heart of the onion, which is completely different than the outsideShe is much more beautiful. Well, this I call Shrek theory, as we see us and feel as we are removing the layers of our emotions and mental States. In my practice (Clinical Hypnosis) attend different people among themselves, but with something in common, that they have already exhausted most of the traditional medical bodies and still continuing without solving their problem. Do you know why? Because only calms the top layer of the onion, and you back out and become to feel with the problem. Also it has taught us that stress, depression and all the diseases starting with hiper are the problem, let me tell you that in the holistic field, these are the consequence and not the cause, the cause is something that is beyond a superficial Peel. We must delicately go knowing the layers of consciousness to reach the heart of our subconscious, where we will know who we are and what we want to do. Usually when we are sick we arrived our therapist as Shrek an ogre green, angry and thinking that everything is wrong; because the top layer is aggressive and advocate for any type of emotional intrusion. They have lied us saying that our world is competitive and aggressive, the truth is that this is only shell, because when you start to internalize you in yourself and discover your most intimate feelings you realize that everything is different, that you can live happy, your dreams become reality and that illness and suffering are not part of you.