Brand Data

The man can pass by Sage when searching for wisdom; But if you believe have found it is a fool. Persian proverb benefits since then there are many benefits that can be derived from the electronic marketing, especially when markets management to optimize their results of their applicability has been prepared and has succeeded in instilling this new modality in the culture of market that will increase the organizational culture of the company under its carago. The range of benefits that manifest themselves are both for consumers, distributors, the same company, therefore it is wide, however citing some as: more quickly informs the consumer about what the company provides in relation to its products, features, more flexibility, improvement in production costs, data collection in real time multiple targets achieved with a single investment advanced segmentation of the audience. New habits and demographic data. More active consumer sales. It serves all the needs of marketing. Ease of Brand positioning. It facilitates research and data collection network lets you do this at costs much lower than in the printed media and even much smaller than the media as the TV.

Allows you to set the position on the market, reviewing the characteristics of the product or service by determining the way in which the customer acknowledges the product or service (where it is and how it has come).Where we want to go in general terms definitely, for the client, e-marketing, allows access to more information. Searching for information is initiated and controlled by the same customers and therefore marketing activities are more driven by customers that the activities offered by the traditional media. Also, it facilitates the investigation and comparison of markets, given the benefits of the web that allows you to collect, analyze, and control large amounts of specialized data.For companies, this marketing lowers their costs, therefore they can offer better price to its customers and, in fact, must be so with such high number of providers (increase of the offer), the prices tend to go down.