Learning Japanese

The fact is that usually the onsen (Japanese bath in hot spring) is arranged, where hot mineral water reaches the surface, and previously had to go by, for example in Atami. Now we're straight from the airport, not entering the hotel we go to the bath. There's something you understand that hot tub with mineralized water, massage, outdoor recreation – this is what we need to shake off the feeling of flight and the whole body to feel: "Here it is, Japan. Besides, – near the Japanese, almost nothing, just like you, are not covered, and how visitors every bath world a little more outgoing and open than in the ordinary .Ultrasovremennye cities, airports, train stations, ancient temples and Zen gardens, traditional theater – all this is in Japan. The one who picked up the directory, who met in Japan, we need to understand himself what he wants, this will help catalog the materials. Cost of the trip very much depends on how many places in Japan you want to visit and in this case correctly compiled program allows you to avoid wasting time and money. A variety of Japanese cuisine Japanese cuisine deserves a separate article. Autenichnoy (present) Japanese cuisine in Russia is not and never will. "The whole point of freshness." And in Japan, most delicious sushi (sushi and sashimi, "speak only ignoramuses) in the restaurant market. Freshness and quality of rice – the main thing for sushi. In addition, there is still million meals, not having tried that in Japan it is better not to return. The crown of culinary arts – grilled marbled beef. Steers watered with beer and massaged them back manually. This is not the meat – some other product. It is not something Electrolux would like to discuss. It in Russia either. In a word – we must go. Otherwise, and you will think that the institution of the corner with a Japanese name and a samurai on a signboard, which serves slices of raw fish – and there is a Japanese restaurant. Language and area studies Learning Japanese is not necessary. No need to spoil your life. Anyone who likes to communicate takes on the road phrasebook. Weak English is enough to feel comfortable in tours to Japan, but if you go in the group – you will always have guide-interpreter, who is also advisor for purchases and adviser on matters of everyday life. Group rides with a guide, who knows Japan and the language – it's a totally different ride quality – the precious time will be lost. Your Own The view of Japan was formed after the trip, but it is extremely important to read about Japanese homes. Then things will seem a familiar and too much information will not interfere with perception. Business Council Take the time to search for good interpreter for negotiations. This is particularly important in the first phase of work, when to build relationships with partners. Money spent is not wasted. You will be able to adequately communicate with people of another culture, and perhaps some expert advice that can mean those particular language and how to interpret the behavior of partners. Rely on their English and the fact that English is your partners will be good enough – not worth it. In the case of Japanese assumption that "business – anywhere business" can be quite dangerous, challenges faced by business, working with Japan are due to differences in cultural values, business customs, language, source for decision-making. For a reasonable fee you can get advice on the basics of business communication with Japanese partners in a specialized company.