Agricultural Tractors

What are the types of agricultural tractors? A tractor is a vehicle for multi-purpose farm. It is perhaps the most essential of all agricultural machinery, agricultural tractor used in conjunction with a variety of harvesting machinery and agricultural to carry out tasks such as the plough, tillage, tracing, heartbreaking sowing, trailer, push, lift, and the transportation of energy supplies. Agricultural tractors made their first appearance in the 19th century, the first were steam portable engines and traction motor vehicles, these were followed by the tractor with gasoline engine, combustion and oil. First farm tractors were only front wheels, since 1908 with four-wheel tractors were implemented and were released immediately. One of the most famous was John Deere established since 1937, with its Green and yellow tractors, then came the tractors of type tricycle, wheeled or a single front or very juntos-doble wheel front, the manufacturer of tractors Farmall was famous for its bright red color, and l three-wheeled machines. These designs were in the market since the 1930s until the 1970s. Four-wheel tractors, however, are more easy and safe to handle and proved to be better suited to the requirements of mechanized agriculture.

A four-wheel tractor has two large driving wheels and two castors. The driving wheels are on a shaft and steerable wheels below the engine compartment. The seat and steering wheel are in the center of four wheels, usually within a closed cabin. Modern tractors can have eight wheels of disk drives, caterpillars, or articulated and not jointed tracks, they have electrical controls or computers and are able to perform different functions. Many modern tractors are equipped with GPS devices, self-guided systems and other automated features. Different types of tractors have been developed for different requirements of production including seeder in conventional line, planted wheat, potatoes, among others; and public works tractors. Agricultural tractors come in different sizes. Which are intended for the harvest in a row have adjustable treads that allow navigation through crop rows.

These vehicles can make their way through rows of tomatoes, corn, wheat or other crops without damaging the plants. Agricultural tractors are used for field work heavy in large tracts of farmland. Those intended for public services tend to be smaller, they can be used for non-agricultural activities such as gardening, landscaping and excavation. This range of tractors are equipped with turf tires that are softer than regular agricultural tires. Juliana Arango tractors second hand