Motors Antonio

4. The sensory distinction is reached much developing all concepts related to our emotional intelligence, which fosters the establishment of ties to others much more consistent than derivatives of other kinds of relationships more characterised by educational formality and interests transaction. 5. The icon, as a representation of that which may be our most developed strength (be perseverant, good Communicator, emotionally empathetic, etc.) and that print us a stamp or brand very recognizable and admired by other staff. 6. Tribalism or phenomenon which determines the configuration of groups of people who proudly feel (tribal) related by sharing our friendship or any activities in which we participate, being our followers as happens to novelists, musicians, athletes, etc. 7 – support, which is achieved when others speak well of yourself without more interest than the defend the evidence of our worth, becoming prescribers spontaneous in our professional or personal purposes. 8.

The credibility or the creation of a coherent personal reputation protected by the necessary coincidence of four manifestations: a. what you think I’m B. What I tell others that I am C. What they believe others that I am D.What they tell others that I am the results of our efforts to enable a greater or less generation of conversational Capital in our favor can give rise to five levels of the same: 1 – point active: when we like others and they speak well of us always having the opportunity and by spontaneous generation (without being questioned in this regard). 2 Neutral: Like others but not enough as so manifested in our favor spontaneously, needing to be asked to do so. 3. Passive point: Others, not being dissatisfied with us, are not manifested in any sense, silence your opinion.

4 Silent point: Others, in disagreement with us, don’t talk about it before others. 5. Negative point: Others, in disagreement with us, so manifest to others. Or that saying that would all be in the active point and like everything in life this is not presented for free, but our effort in starting and conveniently promote the above-mentioned Motors Antonio j. Alonso author of greetings from original and source of the article